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R&R Designs, Inc. manufactures a variety of jack plates for all sizes and types of boats. This division of our manufacturing is a supplier for several large marine equipment manufacturers, and has established a reputation centered on product quality and reliability.

Mechanical Jack Plates

FX21 Jack Plate LR

This patented Jack Plate offers a great mix of usability and sturdiness, and can be used on engines up to 300 horsepower. This is one of the heaviest-duty Jack Plates available on the market.


  • Frame 1/2 in. 6061 to aluminum
  • Inter-locking gibs
  • Adjustable up and down from inside the boat
  • Mill or powdercoat finish
  • Available sizes 3, 4 ½, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 in.
  • 3 to 4 in. adjustment
  • Up to 300 horsepower
  • Colored bar kits

River Jack

Jack Plate 2 LR

This Jack Plate is designed for small outboard engines and outboard jets for adjustment of engine heights. This type of Jack Plate is generally installed on small to mid-sized river boats.

3 Inch Slidemaster

The Slidemaster is one of our most popular models and is perfect for any mid-sized bass boat. This Jack Plate is designed to securely lock boat engines in place while also allowing easy adjustment of motor height. Setbacks are available in several options and can fit most motors.

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