Aluminum Doors & Lids for Fishing, Ski & Deck Boats

R&R Designs, Inc. offers Aluminum Doors and Lids designed for use on a variety of boats including bass/fishing boats, ski boats, and deck boats. R&R Designs supplies many leading boat manufacturers and is capable of manufacturing custom aluminum doors and lids for practically any boat.

Our team of specialists consult with our customers to determine your specific needs and to work out a custom solution which will enhance the usability and appearance of your boat. Our Aluminum doors and lids are lightweight but are built to last for the lifetime of your boat. Our 30 years of marine accessory design and manufacturing experience has led to the development of many industry best practices and ultimately results in a very high quality finished product.

Our Aluminum Doors and Lids come in a selection of inside metal finishes including:

  • Mill Finishes
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • Powder Coating

Contact us to with any general inquiries or to request a quote for an Aluminum Door or Lid.

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