Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame Battery Trays

R&R Designs, Inc. manufactures heavy duty aluminum frame type battery trays or NMMA (strap-type) Econo Style which can mount any type of batteries from group 24, 27, 29, & 31.

Aluminum NMMA Trays

These trays are manufactured to fit group 24, 27, 29, & 31 batteries and include a sturdy aluminum base and a durable buckle strap to hold the battery in place.


  • Powder Coated Aluminum Tray
  • Recessed Screw Holes
  • Welded Tray Corners
  • Grip and Lock Buckle
  • No Stitch Buckle Strap
  • Easily Laced Strap

Aluminum Frame-Type Trays

These trays are designed with a strong aluminum frame which surrounds the corners of the battery to hold it in place securely. This type of tray is available in a single battery design as well as dual inline and dual side-by-side. This type of tray can fit group 24, 27, 29, & 31 batteries.

Features & Benefits:

  • Powder Coated Aluminum with Stainless Hardware
  • Maintains battery position even in extreme conditions
  • Battery remains accessible for testing and charging
  • Long lasting design. These trays are built to last

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